Welcome to the Nikkô Dôjô

Dedicated to the study of Budô, Nikkô Dôjô is a place for serious adults to pursue the classical martial arts and
ways of Japan as a way of life. We are a formal organization, and prospective students are required to schedule
an appointment to watch at least one class prior to applying for membership. If after viewing a class the person
wishes to join, he may request an interview with the instructor. Questions are greatly encouraged at this time.
This process assures that the character, morals, goals and commitment of the applicant are compliant with that
of our group. Nikkô Dôjô welcomes individuals who hold themselves to the highest personal standards and are
sincerely interested in dedicated study of the arts we practice. New students are carefully guided in their training
to assure proper development and safety.

Our primary arts are the Nikkô-ryû (karate-dô), Tenshin-ryû (kenjutsu), and the Yamate-ryû (aikijutsu). The
curriculum includes the study of related aspects of Japanese art, language and culture. For a schedule of classes
click here.

We are part of a network of independent Dôjô throughout the country united by the particular arts we practice.

Prospective students should read this page and review the frequently asked questions.